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Is there a list of commands to print data from LSM6DSV16X to tera term/hyperterminal


I can load the board correctly with *setdb227A, but from there I'm a little lost as to what commands I need to enter to get acc, gyro, a Qvar data. I've tried using *rAA, but that returns an empty value.

Is there a list of commands I can use to access the board from tera term?

ST Employee

Hi @RCutt.1​ ,

did you check the UM2116 user manual and the for the complete list? From page 14, you can see the basic configuration sequence:

Quick start

The basic sequence of commands (based on the LIS3DH accelerometer) to start a data communication session and to retrieve X, Y, and Z acceleration data from the demonstration kit is: Step 1. Connect the Professional MEMS Tool to the USB port

Step 2. Start “Microsoft© HyperTerminal�? (or another similar application) and configure it as described in Section 4.1 Getting started

Step 3. Enter the *setdb105v1 command in the HyperTerminal�? window, (supposing the LIS3DH adapter board is used – for other adapters see the relevant datasheets to check the register configuration), enter the command * Zoff to enable the control of the device by the STM32F401VE microcontroller, and *w2047 to switch on the LIS3DH and to set the data rate to 50 Hz

Step 4. Send the *debug command to get the X, Y, and Z data measured by the sensor

Step 5. Send *stop to end the continuous acquisition and visualization.



Hi @Eleon BORLINI​ ,

Thank you for your answer. When I use debug mode for the LSM6DSV16X it doesn't print anything. When I use the exact command sequence shown in your answer *debug prints out X,Y,Z values (all set to -1). I believe I read that Qvar uses the same channels as the pressure sensor, is that correct?