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Linux Driver for MP23DB01HP PDM Digital Microphone

Associate II

I'm looking for instructions on interfacing MP23DB01HP Microphone to Cortex-A7 on STM32MP157 through I2S bus.

The application note AN5027 is a good starting point but does not mention how to integrate with Linux on Cortex-A7.

I've modified the devcie tree to connect Microphone to I2S1 bus but couldn't figure out the Microphone driver to link to devcie tree.

Any help is much appreciated.

Associate III

Hi @farid​ , the drivers provided by ST are only from imus and environmental sensors:

But I found and example of PDM mic interface in Linux here:

Also this link looks interesting, since the interduce of the MP34DT05 microphone is the same as the MP23DB01HP one.

If you want a direct support you might try also on the Linux page of ST sensor.


Associate II

Hi AG8,

Thanks for your help.

I was able to implement the DMIC driver using the DFSDM peripheral, following the AN5027 and STM32MP157C-EV1 board, but I ran into a problem.. DFSDM Clock on pin PB13 (DFSDM1_CKOUT) is not generating.

I wonder if anyone has connected DMIC using DFSDM peripheral on STM32MP157-DK1/DK2 or OSD32MP1-RED board?