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Help in the configuration of pins for 2 microphones

Associate III

Please help me. I am trying to configure pins for reading the data coming from 2 microphones mount in a X-NUCLEO-CCA02M2. To read the data I am using a NUCLEO-F401RE.

I read all the documentation for tthe expansion but nothing is working. In this moment watching the figure below I set using I2S2 the pin PB15 (I2S2_SD) and the pin PB13 (I2S2_CK). I add DMA in circular mode and set the frequency to 96kHz. The communication was set in half duplex in master reception mode. This pins were choose after watching the schematic of CCA02M2.

Here the schematics of NUCLEO and expansion.


All the information used were taken from a STM pdf here is a screenshot


After all the configuration I used this function the start the reception mode:


​And the relative callback to check which data were read by the microphone. The problem is that the data read are always 0. Another problem is that I don't understand why the MOSI pin is used to read the data in the STM pdf.

Please can some help me?

ST Employee

Hi @ATeli.1​ 

ST provides ready-to-use examples for X-NUCLEO-CCA02M2 + NUCLEO-F401RE in X-CUBE-MEMSMIC1 package.

I advise you to start from the code and documentation available here (

If the issue still persists let's check together.

Best regards