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BlueNRG GUI and DK not completely installed

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Hi everyone,

I tried installing the package "BlueNRG GUI 3.1.0" and I faced certain issues during its installation. First one, there was an issue in driver installation.


 I am using the STEVAL - IDB008V2 board. But the main issue is with the installation itself. If I notice the directory in which it got installed, there are no projects or library files.


There is no way for me to open a project in Keil either.



I encountered the issue even when I try to install this in different computer with different OS (WIndows 10 & 7). Any suggestions will be helpful. Thank you.


Naveen Sankaran.

Associate II

I think you need to install from an account with administrator rights for the driver to install correctly.

And the project files and library are included with the Development Kit package. They are not included with the GUI.

Hi rdscliff,

I have installed both the packages with administrator rights. It has to do something with the digital signature I guess. The main issue here is not the driver but the missing files.


As you can see, I have installed the developer kit and there are no project or library files.

Associate II

Did you see the thread about me asking where the project files were? I had the same problem.

Where is the project directory?

Hi Naveen,

The project files are under C:\Users\<ID>\ST\BlueNRG-1_2 DK 3.1.0\Project

As stated in Release Notes,

  • Library, Project, Utilities folders are located under {User} –> ST in order to be able to directly compile projects even with Windows User Account Control activated.

Best Regards,


Thanks for the reply. But that just answers first half of my question. I still can't find certain files, which are required to completely open them in Keil (for example). I encountered the same issue during the workshop conducted by ST. Let me show you something for better understanding.


This is the image from a slide that was presented during the workshop. The project clearly lies inside program files directory, which may have misled me. But, the project contains all the necessary files to start in the first place. I am missing those, which can be seen in the image below.


As you can see from thea above image, I am clearly missing the files which were listed in the image from the workshop. I asked the same question there, but they just gave me a portable version of the installed package.

Thank you for the reply.

Thank you Winfred. But the major problem is the missing files, which I have mentioned below. Thank you again.

Hi Naveen,

Not quite understand the question. Which files are missing?

All the project files that come with DK shall work without needing to add files.

All the required files have been in  C:\Users\<ID>\ST\BlueNRG-1_2 DK 3.1.0\Project



Compile BLE_RemoteControl project with Keil MDK-ARM successfully:


Best Regards,


Hi Winfred,

Please have a look at the image from the workshop that I posted. It contains files such as user.h, user_config.h to name a few, in its project folder. Am I being misled by that image or I am missing certain files to run the evaluation board STEVAL - IDB00BV2 ? I am required of the APIs that are used inside the BlueNRG GUI, for example.


Hi Naveen,

For missing user.h or user_config.h of the project used in the workshop, please request the original provider.

To use with BlueNRG GUI, please flash IDB008V2 with DTM binaries.

Please refer to UM2058 - BlueNRG GUI SW package (STSW-BNRGUI) User Manual :

Best Regards,