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Resolved! issue during VL53L1X crosstalk calibration

Dear Sir, We are currently in the process of conducting crosstalk calibration using the VL53L1X ultra-lite driver, but unfortunately, the results we're obtaining are not as expected. Our approach involves utilizing an A4-sized gray chart board as the...

DSai.1 by Associate III
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VL6180X -- Unexplained "Waves" in Time of Flight Data

Hi there, My team and I have noticed an irregularity in our VL6180X sensor data that we do not understand. Despite having a stationary target (~75mm away), the calculated range values from the VL6 appear to "wave" over time, and do not settle into a ...

Kurt123_0-1690835562838.png Kurt123_1-1690835613360.png
Kurt-123 by Associate II
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Resolved! VL53L4CD - Calibration Procedure and Tools

Hello,I'm working with VL53L4CD to have the distance between the board and some liquid. This distance could go from 20mm to 250mm. We want to protect the board with a glass and then do a calibration, first Offset then Crosstalk. Into the user manual,...

GCout.1 by Associate II
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Resolved! VL53L1CB single shot fail

Hello,I'm using a VL53L1CB with X-CUBE-TOF1 but when i try to use the blocking one shot mode, i always get 0 target.If i use the blocking continuous mode, the first measure will always return 0 target and only the second measure will return a target....

nicolas by Associate III
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Resolved! VL53L8CH Drop in for VL53L8CX

I'd like to work with the raw histogram data from the VL53L8CH, which I don't believe the VL53L8CX has. Currently, I don't think that there's an evaluation board for the VL53L8CH, but it says it is "pin-to-pin" compatible with the VL53L8CX. Does this...

JGarrettW by Associate II
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