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VL6180 proximity detection logic output mode

Hi, I would like to know if we can configure GPIO0 or GPIO1 as a logic output mode. In datasheet, we can configure in INT mode. But we need to clear the flag each time we have a value. So we have a wrong value during the clearing. I would like to con...

ELECL.2 by Associate II
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VL53L4CD getting "stuck" returning the same value

When I run the program, the sensor starts up and is working as expected. Occasionally, the sensor gets "stuck" and just sends the same ranging results. I read that the xshut pin is sensitive and can cause a partial reset of the sensor, putting it in ...

BLiso.1 by Associate II
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VD6283_GUI application not starting on Windows

Hello,   I'm trying to use the VD6283 sensor on a X-NUCLEO-6283A1 plugged in a Nucleo-64 STM32F401.   For this, I've installed the latest ST-Link drivers and the software STSW-IMG301. My board is well recognized on Windows device manager as a "STM ST...

LoRaWAN-End-Node + VL53L4CD, Sleep issue

Hello, I'm using the LoRaWAN-End-Node example on an STM32WL55JC MCU to drive the VL53L4CD sensor.  I would like to use the interrupt pin to get the data from the sensor.what is happening is that once __WFI() in the getting data subroutine is executed...

AElgh by Associate III
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Resolved! X-CUBE-TOF1 VL53L3CX_SimpleRanging not working

I'm trying to use the new example available on for VL53L3CX_SimpleRanging (available inside X-CUBE-TOF1) is an example application shows how to make ranging with a satellite board (VL53L3CX-SATEL green) connected directly to STM32F401RE withou...

HElni.1 by Associate II
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Can the VL53L5CX work with a non-perpendicular surface?

Hi all, first post here!I'm working on a project that I was planning to use the VL53L5CX sensor where it is installed at about 5/6ft above the floor and pointed down at an angle of around 45°. The goal is to be able to calculate the surface of the f...

DCabl.1 by Associate
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