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symbol _GPIO_Init not defined (Debug\main.o )

I tried the example code in this document - dm00405517-getting-started-with-the-stm8s001j3-microcontroller-stmicroelectronics.pdf, the code was://Recommendation for STM8S001J3 firmware AN5047 12/20 Rev 2 /* MAIN.C file */ #include "stm8s.h" #include ...

MQi.1 by Senior II
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how to clear the pending external interrupt

@svlreg INTERRUPT_HANDLER(EXTI_PORTD_IRQHandler, 6){ /* In order to detect unexpected events during development,   it is recommended to set a breakpoint on the following instruction. */ if((SWITCH == RESET) && (flag == SET)) { OFF_STATUS = TRUE; fla...

Trinu by Associate III
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How to use Timer in an external interrupt

I have an STM8S00f3p6 controller I was able to do the external interrupt and do the GPIO operations in the interrupt.Now my requirement is like after getting the inerrupt I need to make two GPIOS high for some seconds and make them down after time ex...

Smedi by Associate II
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Why internal pull-up on PB7 is not working? (STM8L152R8)

I was making a basic test for GPIO ports (reading switches and turning on LEDs). After configuring PORTB (all pins) as input with internal pull-up and external interrupts disabled, PB7 seems to be always in '0'. After opening IAR-EW debugger, PB_DDR...

JLoya by Associate II
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How to use non - default pin mapping for STM8 micros ?

For example how can the IO pins be set for alternate function mapping to non-default pin. As per datasheet same alternate pin function is mapped to multiple pins. For example USART1_TX is shown to be available on PC3 and also PA2. By programming all ...

Prasad11 by Associate
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External interrupt flags latching behaviour?

Posted on May 10, 2017 at 10:46I am working on a code which utilizes External interrupts on the PORT B.STM8AF5286 is used with the Cosmic compiler.I have not found any information about how the interrupt flags are handled internally and knowing thei...