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STM32F030F4 and STM32F103C4Tx CHİP BOOT

I use the STM32F103C4 and STM32F030F4 chip. I design a card with these chips. How I can programmable these chips? If I add SWDIO, SWCLK, +3.3V, and GND pins to the card as a male header, Can I connect the ST-LINK v3 to these pins and program it direc...

bngstskn_0-1695802112856.png bngstskn_1-1695802143447.png
bngstskn by Associate III
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OPTEE header parse error on STM32MP135F-DK

Hello,   I'm changing the DDR3 size from 512MB to 1GB on the STM32MP135F-DK board. The modifications were done as below. After that, I met the OPTEE header parse error. Compilation and updating software on board was conducted according to the ST wiki...

JKim.2 by Associate II
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If Motor Profiler will open source?

I often use Motor Profiler to identify motors.But it is not good.Sometimes my motor cannot be recognized when using 48V and I have to reduce the supply voltage to 36V.Here I would like to ask whether it will be open sourced. I want to understand the ...

gtop.1 by Associate II
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Reading temperature from adc value(Non linear)

Hi,I am using STM32G491RE. I have to read temperature values from ADC. We  used voltage divider circuit to map the voltage values with temperature values it is non linear change between volatge and temperature.I tried below wayconst uint16_t adc_valu...

LPF2 on IIS3DWB and anti-alias

I use IIS3DWB with no LPF2 enabled, and I understand the Frequency response shown in Figure 13 at page 20 of the datasheet.I know that I can enable low-pass LPF2 filter, but from the same graph I don't understand if this filter can be enabled as a ha...

vix by Associate II
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Hi there,We use a STM32F723 controller and want to connect two external RAM devices.Now we have to select a RAM that fits to the FMC. What we can't find in the reference manual RM0431 is if SDRAM-DDR functionality is provided or only SDRAM without DD...

CObri.1 by Associate II
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