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Trying to use osThreadFlagsWait() in my command handler for command processing thread to save CPU utilization and seeing issue where system gets stall.====================while (1) {  int cnt = getcmd();  if (cnt >= 0) {    process_command();  } else...
File created on SD Card shows incorrect creation time.shown in above fig in red all files which gets created on SD card carry same creation time.Wondering if missing something in CubeMX settings 
I am using above settings and functions for RTC and One Alarm, also attached with this post as RTC_and_One_Second_Alarm_Setup_using_STM32hxxx.pdf, please review and let me know if you see any issue. Thanks in Advance.
Can not access .ioc file merge post I created, getting access denied while trying to access it, anybody know what i might be missing?Link for the post
I was wondering if multiple team members are modifying this file,what is the clean way to do a merge this file using Git? I am pretty sure STM Community is using CubeMX and there should be a way to update this file by multiple people and merge the ch...
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