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To use a clock to drive the RF unit of the STM32WB55, here are 2 options in the BLE_p2pServer demo code, LSE and HSE divided by 1024,I want to know if it is available to use LSI or HSI as the clock source of RF unit in it, thank you.
I am trying to use ST3993 to get distance between tag and the reader.Is there any SDK or function in the ST3993 to do that?
About reading tags via USB UART by ST25RU3993 without ST25RU3993 Reader Suite GUI.To initial and start reading tags automatically after plugged in and print them on serial terminal (ex: Tera Term) via USB UART (not the UART LOG pin) by ST25RU3993 wit...
Which Cluster may use to send and receive data or string between Router and Coord?And how do I coding for that.Thank you.