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 Is it OK to use DWT CYCCNT to count individual instruction cycles when stepping instructions (si) with gdb ? I wonder how many cycles a branch takes when it is taken.
On STM32G474, I have a loop where I read ADC values, process them, and write the result to DAC.I am using the dual ADC mode and reading ADC12_COMMON->CDR . I do not care if I read the previous conversion result, in this case, is there a reason to che...
In STM32G474.svd version 2.1 that can be download from STM32G474RE product page , WWDG peripheral has no interrupt defined but it is actually the first (0th) interrupt. Is this a mistake or there is a reason behind not defining it in the SVD ?
 It says "It is crucial that you use a consistent set of versions for the CMSIS Core - CMSIS Device, as mentioned in this release note." but I do not see any CMSIS version in the release notes. Which CMSIS version is recommended for cmsis_device_f3 ?...
The system view description files for H5 and U5 are on the website, but it is not for L5 ( Where can I find it ?
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