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Error Touchgfx by stm32h723


Hello, I have created a project to launch Touch GFX by stm32h723 , which I have put the download link below. Unfortunately, according to the photo I posted, it is displayed incorrectly on the LCD when it is launched, while I have separately tested the interface of the LCD and RAM, which work perfectly, but when I want to launch Touch GFX, I encounter this problem and it does not work.

link download project the onedrive 

picture Error touchgfx 






Try to move MX_TouchGFX_Process(); inside of default task loop. Now its called only once.

Br J.T

Thank you, I did this as well, but unfortunately it didn't have any effect. It's interesting that I previously got the correct answer with the stm32h743iit6 microcontroller with the same method, but I had a problem with the stm32h723zgt6!

OK. Anycase it should be called continuously, not just once.

Have you debug your code what does it do ? Does TouchGFX renders anything to the framebuffer ? Since you have solid background color, you framebuffer content should be mostly stable two values.