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Using Uboot for CubeProgrammer

Hi ST team !

During the process of finding a way to put our custom boards in production, I tried to use the STM32Prog mode on Uboot.

This failed because in SPL, spl_board_load_image() is empty and can't download via USB OTG the SSBL.

I found another way to produce our board but I would like in the futur using CubeProgrammer.

My question is do you have any plan to fill this function ?

=> /* TODO : add download support in SPL without TF-A */



Anthony Harivel

ST Employee

Hi @anthony.harivel.emtrion.GmbH​ 

The serial boot mode, used by STM32CubeProgrammer, is indeed not supported with U-Boot SPL. This was recently better documented in the article to make this clearer for customers.

We do not have any plan to add this feature in the basic boot chain (U-Boot SPL) and rather plan to re-inforce our strategy on the trusted boot chain (Arm TF-A).

For people using basic boot chain, a new article is under preparation to help the customer building a minimalist TF-A enabling to flash.

Is it replying to your question ?

Else please thanks to elaborate further the need.



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Hi @Community member​ ,

yes this answer greatly my question!

Basic Boot chain is useful for us for the homogénéity of our product range (dev kit). Nevertheless, Trusted boot chain is quite important for final product and I undertstand your strategy. I will definitly have a look at this really soon.

"building a minimalist TF-A enabling to flash" : this is a great idea and could be very useful fur us. Could you give me a link to the wiki (even if it is still "permission denied") so that I can check it out as soon as it is released ? or is it too early ?

Thank you again for your answer.

Best Regards

Anthony Harivel

Bernard PUEL
ST Employee

Here is the wiki article to help customer to enable a first boot on their board. I hope it can help you to replace your u-boot-spl with a minimalist TF-A and therefore to use the cube programmer to flash any flash of your board.