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UART connection mode problems (2.13)

Associate II

Platform: Windows 11 22H2 (x64)

CubeProgrammer version: 2.13

I've got 2 devices:

  1. HW Controller which uses dual FTDI drivers (2 COM ports; 1 port connected to ST microcontroller and 1 port connected to ESP32)
  2. HW Adapter which uses software virtual COM (ST library) connects with ST microcontroller.

Each of the devices are detected perfectly fine in CubeProgrammer 2.6, but are basically undetectable in 2.13 and for other reasons:

  1. Controller cannot connect because CubeProgrammer for some strange reason don't shows properly 2 available COM ports (one is correct and the second one is blank; see pictures in attachment). Selecting the blank one and trying to open end with information about invalid port name.
  2. Connecting with adapter is impossible because connecting routing seems to stuck at some point after trying to upload option bytes and right before trying to read memory (see logs in attachment for comparison between versions)

It looks like 2.13 totally messes up handling serial ports (problems with populating several COM ports dropdown, problems with receiving/sending/flushing/parsing data which leads to problems with finishing connection procedure).

Also in version 2.12 there were problems with erase frame, but you can find thread about in under this link:

I think that problems with UART connection mode started in some earlier versions, but I don't have time and will to check when.

And the worst thing is that nobody from ST seems to care about such problems and bugs (my previous problem is still without any reply from and ST representative)