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STM32CubeProgrammer way too long to load

Lead II

I updated my old STM32CubeProgrammer to 2.14.

Now it  takes a very long time to start... Much more than the time to program the MCU!

What is he doing during this time? No doubt marketing exchanges with ST servers.

The primary use of this type of tool is to work with the MCU, not to wait for it to finish conversing with ST.

Could you go back to a more convenient start time?


Senior II

Hello, what's the operating system of your PC/laptop?

Unnecessarily slow on Win 7 and Win 10, for sure

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Chief II

Ironically, by default it's not even capable of connecting to the internet... :rolling_on_the_floor_laughing: You can even use that flaw to deny the internet deliberately for it.

For me on Windows 7 it starts relatively quickly even on 10+ year old dual core CPUs with cheap SSDs. By saying "relatively", I mean faster than CubeMX, but still takes several seconds. Also one has to remember that CubeProgrammer, CubeMX and CubeIDE are developed in Java and runs in a Java virtual machine - therefore they are slow and bloated by design. And, on top of that, they are developed by the same very competent team of geniuses, who develops the fantastic HAL!

Win 10

What bothers me is the difference between the old version (V2.9 boot time: 4 seconds) I was using and the new one (V2.14 boot time: 29 seconds). If there wasn't a bug in the old one, I would have kept it...


Chief II

Haven't seen such a long times (29 seconds) with any version. The first thing to try is to turn off the antivirus, including the integrated Windows Defender.

I have version 2.9 and version 2.14 installed: and they behave differently.

@Piranha gave me an idea: I tried by disabling the VPN. Bingo 5 seconds.

I don't know what ST is doing with the network but it's not getting any better. And I have to keep the VPN :loudly_crying_face:.

It is time for ST to adapt to technical developments. Companies are increasingly imposing the use of VPN!

Chief II

And how it behaves if you disable the internet for the whole PC completely? Anyway read the link I gave and try denying the internet by deliberately misconfiguring those proxy options.

For a decent software the usage of VPN doesn't matter, but the HAL/Cube team is not capable of creating a decent software. The proof is right there - as the link shows, by default the internet connection for CubeProgrammer doesn't even work because of broken proxy settings...

Internet enabled with VPN: 29 seconds

Internet enabled without VPN: 5 seconds

Internet disabled (cable unplugged) without VPN: 5 seconds

Internet disabled (controller disabled) without VPN: 5 seconds

I've already read the link you provide, and the proxy settings don't change anything.


Chief II

Try blocking in firewall with outbound (or both, if it's not enough) rule: