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STM32CubeProgrammer doesn't support DFU files

Hans T
Associate III


I'am use the STM32CubeProgrammer v2.60

In the USB programming mode, I cannot load DFU files.

Is it possible that this option is added, and a possibility to create DFU files ?

Thanks Hans

ST Employee

Hello @Hans T​ ,

I advise you to update and use the latest STM32CubeProgrammer V2.7.0.

Have a look at the STM32CubeProgrammer V2.7.0 released, which details the enhancement and fixed issues.

Please let me know if this solved your issue, if so please "Select as Best" button.

If you still need help, feel free to share more details about the hardware used. 


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ST Employee

Hi @Hans T​ ,

DFU files are not supported by STM32CubeProgrammer.

I will report this point to the STM32CubeProgrammer team and see if we can address this modification.

Hope this helps you


Hans T
Associate III

Thank you,

It would be nice if could load DFU files.

And can create 1 or 2 hex files in one DFU file. this is useful for the dual core STM32H7

I have STM32CubeProgrammer v2.8.0 on my Windows 10 system, and while I can program MCUs with HEX files, the tool apparently does not support the DFU file format any more. The DFU file type does not appear as an option in the Open File dialog. The MCU is correctly listed by the operating system as "STM32 Bootloader." This is not a connectivity or system configuration issue, but one of file format support in the tools.

The old DfUse utility is also nonfunctional, disabled either by the new Cube Programmer driver or by a Windows update. I discovered these unpleasant facts by trying to program an MCU with a DFU file.

My company has invested significant effort in standardizing our firmware installation procedures to use code images as DFU files in production and field service. I urgently want to know whether ST has deprecated support for the DFU file format; if so, we have some internal re-engineering to do.

It is also worth noting that I've been unable to find any reference by ST on discontinuing support for DFU files. The STM32CubeProgrammer release notes and documentation make no mention of this.

Please clarify ST's position on DFU file format support.

Thank you.

Agreed it is a nice universal format for an object file describing sparse data, and not exposing a billion symbols.

Used here as a format of choice when updating from MicroSD cards, and for the user that wants to use DFU tools more directly.

I guess the headache from the ST side would be how to support external memories (and loaders) via the ROM based system loader. A home-brewer DFU loader implementation could obviously support ones own board configurations.

We really need some embedded software developers, real-world ones, driving the goals and expectations for these programming tools, and getting them vigorously tested in SW QA

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Really, all ST had to do was import their existing DFU dissector from the Dfuse utility into the new tool (that's not a massive task, I built one myself). DFU file format didn't support external memories with the old tools, so no loss there if it doesn't support them in the new tools.

I agree with the need for appropriate goals and expectations on new tools. It's a shame they made this decision without consulting or even informing their users.

DFU application was an easy way to perform update by a customer who has no knowledge of all kinds of programming programs.

I don't have a program yet to update a dual core ARM from SD card.

so, I miss an compact and easy DFU tool.

It would be useful for a customer

1 connect PC to hardware by usb

2 put the hardware in DFU mode / reset arm

3 load DFU file

4 program DFU


Did you find out anything from ST 4 months later? We just discovered that our DFU programming on the devices we have is also not working anymore. I'm still searching for the ST Official statement on DFU.

To update users' STM32 chip, a simple DFU program is very useful.

Or an example of a C# program environment, so that you can write an Update program yourself