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Create a dual core project from compiled binary file

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The main purpose of the question is to avoid giving source code and give binary file instead.

For example, I generate a compiled binary file from a nucleo project (STM32H743ZI2) for the M7 core.
Then I want to create a new dual core project (STM32H755ZIT6) but import the previous binary file for M7 (.elf, .hex, .bin or whatever which will work) instead of importing its source code.


(this two version of MCU were provided by the company, I actually have not clue if they are compatible)

All the tutorials I saw use the importation of source code.

In the newly created dual core project, I tried to make:
Import> "stm32 Cortex M-executable"> select the generated .elf as executable, select STM32H755ZIT6 as MCU
Is this the way to do it ?

Is there a tutorial or a post that explained this ?


ST Employee

Hello @Kévin 

To achieve this, you can use the STM32CubeProgrammer by simply navigate to the "Erase & Programming" section, attach your file and proceed with the programming process.

Below are the links you'll need:
- STM32CubeProgrammer Download: " "
- User Manual: " "
- YouTube: " "

If you have any further questions, feel free to reach out.


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Use INCBIN in startup.s to pull in the binary file. Use a named section so you can direct to a specific location via the Linker script.

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