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Can't see stm 32 bootloader driver in device management after installing stm 32 cube programmer

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while I install the stm 32 cube programmer oin my computer during the installation processes the computer asks me  to install a driver I click yes and I have the programmer installed on my computer like normal but when I go to usb to Seach for devices to connect to the programmer I don't see any, I look into my device management tab and see no stm 32 bootloader device in the usb tab. I'm running windows 10 and ran the correct windows download for my computer so idk what's up. If curious what I'm doing I am trying to flash firmware over my fly sky fs i6x radio transmitter to get express lrs on the controller. I do this by putting the controller into dfu mode and connecting to the programmer but I cant do this because there is no driver to connect the two. I'm new to all of this so help would be great. feel free to say anything if you have a thought.




In the picture on the top the circled other devices device is the transmitter in dfu mode, below you can see all the usb drivers and we can see there is no bootloader.

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Yes, I used a paperclip to bridge the r53 pads and short circuit the transmitter. the screen appears of but is on internally through dfu mode. I made this YouTube video of the whole installation process I did if you want to see


this is the process of me downloading the programmer (

??? Steps is

OFF power

place short over R53 

connect USB

ON power

WTF short transmitter?

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So I tried this and its still the same as before. Do you have any other suggestions? I appreciate your help


heres the video of me doing the steps you sent April 14, 2024 (

Hmm when you ok do all, maybe USB cable is poor, try other or other port.

So, I tried it on a different port on my computer and it had the same results as before (I did your steps). I doubt it's the usb cable because when I plug the transmitter into the computer while in dfu the computer makes a dinging noise and detects the dfu (you can see in the picture below) in the device management section. Anyway, if you have any other suggestions feel free to point them out.