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Strange output in STM32CubeMX Ver 4.12.0

Associate III
Posted on January 22, 2016 at 22:09

I recently upgrade CubeMX to version 4.12.0 and used it to generate code for a custom STM32F407VGT board. Everything seemed to work fine with previous versions, but not so much with the latest version. For example...

There is no function generated for MX_DMA_Init() in ''main.c'', even though there is a function prototype at the top of the file. This of course occurs when the DMA controller is enabled in CubeMX

The file ''stm32f4xx_it.h'' is not generated when it should be.

In ''usbd_conf.c'', there is a line generated near the top of the file that just contains a &sharpn. Nothing else, just ''&sharpn''

There are a huge number of errors in the ''USBD_LL_Init()'' function in the ''usbd_conf.c'' file. There's text in this file which has no business being there at all. Here's a copy/paste of some of that text:

Java backtrace for programmers:


freemarker.template.TemplateException: Error reading included file Src/usb_otg_fs_HalInit.tmp

at freemarker.core.Include.accept(

at freemarker.core.Environment.visit(

at freemarker.core.MixedContent.accept(

at freemarker.core.Environment.visit(

at freemarker.core.ConditionalBlock.accept(

at freemarker.core.Environment.visit(

at freemarker.core.MixedContent.accept(