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STM32CubeMX seems so ignore Flash TCM setup.

Associate III

I am pretty sure that old versions of CubeMX (maybe years ago), when generating for TCM interface generated different code than when generating for AXI.

At least in the generated STM32F765VGTx_FLASH.ld (I'm working with a F765), I had a base flash address of 0x200000 for ITCM and 0x8000000 for AXI, the #define FLASH_BASE was set accordingly and I had some code section in which the interface was set.

Now I am working with CubeMX 6.1.0 (the same for 6.0.1) and I notice that nothing changes in the code when I set TCM rather than AXI. The code seems to setup the AXI interface even when I set TCM.

Whats happened?

Senior II

Dear @raffin​ ,

Thank you for your feedback.

Could you please share .ioc file ?

Kind regards,


Associate III

Dear Houssem,

thank you for the answer. Today I generated again several times using TCM and AXI. Now, I see the difference in the STM32F765VGTx_FLASH.ld file, I am sure yesterday this file did not change, in any the right address in the STM32F765VGTx_FLASH.ld it is not enough to set the TCM interface.

I have attached the .ioc file.