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STM32CubeMX , lost files from Keil workspace after CubeMX code regenaration

ST Employee

Hello Community,

Since the latest release, we faced issue with lost files and folder in Keil workspace after code regeneration.

  • Temporary solution:
    • Generate the code as usual
    • Go under the MDK-ARM folder under the project repository and add an empty file named "project.uvmpw"
    • The added folders and files in Keil will be kept when regenerating code.
  • Permanente solution:
    • A permanent solution will be implemented in a patch release (CubeMX 6.9.1) which will be released in the near future.


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Accepted Solutions
Associate II

This has indeed been resolved in version 9.6.1. The topic can be marked "Solved"

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Luiz Pereira
Associate III

Honestly nothing to do. The proposed workaround only works if we keep the keil compiler version 5.xx option. If it is later changed (in the Keil ecosystem) to compiler version 6.xx, WE WILL LOSE EVERYTHING AGAIN after a new regeneration of the project via CubeMX. Basically, time wasted testing had-hoc solutions.
BYW: still no one has given me any clue about the problem (and I see that there are already several people with the same) of the complete mess of the CubeMX UI after a few moments after starting it...


Associate II

I agree with @Luiz Pereira, CubeMX cannot be used anymore since the 6.9 upgrade. I have to reconfigure everything in my MDK project after any code generation from CubeMX: include path, source path, file structure, code optimization level, debugger settings.. so everything set in .uvprojx file. I hope the patch will be released in days.

Associate II

This has indeed been resolved in version 9.6.1. The topic can be marked "Solved"

Yes, I confirm; version 9.6.1 (besides the UI rendering problem that sill there) solve the Keil project file integrity under regeneration.