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STM32CubeMX generates PVD configuration as HAL code for an All-LL project

I'm using STM32CubeMX 5.2.0 to generate a project for an STM32L0x1 device.

In the code generator settings everything is selected as LL (no HAL).

Nevertheless, Cube generates the selected PVD (SYS -> Power Voltage Detector In) configuration (and the interrupt activation selected in NVIC settings) in the stm32l0xx_hal_msp.c file using the HAL library function.

Expected result: use LL, it has all the required functions/macros for configuring the PVD.

Thank you.


I found out that this happens only when the Flash global interrupt is enabled. If I disable the Flash interrupt from Cube's NVIC settings, the PVD code is being generated in LL mode, no HAL used.

The flash interrupt issue was reported earlier, so it seems this is related to that older bug.