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STM32CubeMX 6.1.0 released

ST Employee

What is new in STM32CubeMX V6.1.0?


A new thread has been created to gather your requests for Video Tutorials.

If you need to add A Video tutorial or have and idea about a tutorial, don't hesitate to visit the thread below and add your request in a comment.

Added support

• Added the support for new part numbers in the STM32G0 Series:

STM32G0B0CETx, STM32G0B0KETx, STM32G0B0RETx, STM32G0B0VETx, STM32G0B1C(C-E)Tx, STM32G0B1C(C-E)Ux, STM32G0B1K(C-E)Tx, STM32G0B1K(C-E)TxN, STM32G0B1K(C-E)Ux, STM32G0B1K(C-E)UxN, STM32G0B1M(C-E)Tx, STM32G0B1R(C-E)Ix, STM32G0B1R(C-E)Tx, STM32G0B1V(C-E)Ix, STM32G0B1V(C-E)Tx, STM32G0C1C(C-E)Tx, STM32G0C1C(C-E)Ux, STM32G0C1K(C-E)Tx, STM32G0C1K(C-E)TxN, STM32G0C1K(C-E)Ux, STM32G0C1K(C-E)UxN, STM32G0C1M(C-E)Tx, STM32G0C1R(C-E)Ix, STM32G0C1R(C-E)Tx, STM32G0C1V(C-E)Ix, STM32G0C1V(C-E)Tx

• Added the support for two new STM32G0 boards: NUCLEO-G0B1RE and STM32G0C1E-EV

• Added the support for new part numbers in the STM32H7 Series: STM32H735VGHx, STM32H725V(E-G)Hx

• Added the support for new part numbers in the STM32L4 Series: STM32L451CETx, STM32L452CETx and STM32L462CETx

• Added the support for new part numbers in the STM32L0 Series: STM32L073CZYx.

• Added the support for the STM32WL Series:

– Added the support for new part numbers in the STM32WL Series: STM32WL54CCUx, STM32WL54JCIx, STM32WL55CCUx, STM32WL55JCIx, STM32WL55UCYx, STM32WLE4C(8-B-C)Ux, STM32WLE4J(8-B-C)Ix, STM32WLE5C(8-B-C)Ux, STM32WLE5J(8-B-C)Ix, STM32WLE5U(8-B)Yx

– Added the support for two boards: NUCLEO-WL55JC1 and NUCLEO-WL55JC2

– Possibility to create a single or dual-core project. For dual-core projects, possibility to assign peripherals to the Cortex®-M0+ or Cortex®-M4 core

• Added LL support for I2S peripheral for the STM32G0 Series, STM32G4 Series, STM32WB Series and STM32WL Series

• Added the support for new features in the STM32MP1 Series:

– USART Smartcard mode – UART RS-485 mode

– FMC PSRAM support

• Added the support for one new STM32MP1 board: STM32MP157F-DK2

• Added Zigbee® support for the STM32WB Series: Channel selection, Endpoint selection, Cluster selection and allocation, and Cluster callback management

• Added the possibility for users in Mainland China to access to the video tutorials at

• Added some search enhancements for the video tutorials feature

• Added the support of software packs for the dual-core STM32H7 Series and for the Cortex®-M4 of the STM32WL Series

• Added some enhancements in Example selector feature.

• Added the support for one new STM32L4 board: NUCLEO-L4A6ZG

• New access to External Tools on STM32CubeMX home page

Main fixed issues V6.1.0

73285 [MX-MP] [USART] Missing modes.

74932 ADC on STM32G0 and STM32WL, must have restricted channel list and sequencer configured first.

84914 [MX-CodeGen] STM32CubeMX tpl_main_c.ftl (main.c template) does not trap Error_Handler.

89910 [MX-G0] [Pinout] Remove ADC1_IN11 from PB7.

90913 [MX-L4+] [LPUART] Wrong code generated

90919 [MX] [SAI] Synchronous Slave mode always grayed and not available.

91032 [MX-H7] [LWIP] Generation errors with ethernetif.c.

91276 [MX-WB] [RCC] WS grayed and stuck on 3.

91939 [MX-F1] [ADC3] Missed code related to regular conversion parameter.

92551 [MX-G4] [TIM] Code generation for TIMx encoder mode with remap issue.

92818 [MX-NVIC] All IRQ priorities must be set automatically


Senior III

I start from CubeMX and open the project using CubeIDE with CubeMX version 6.1 and CudeIDE 1.5 and still get pretty much incomplete Init of GPIO when I set all defaults on STM32H747-DISCO

Senior III

Sorry, I did not explore fully the GPIO in CubeMX for dual core like the H747.

You may need to assign which core will need to init it.