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STM32Cube MX 6.11 in STM32CubeIDE 1.15.0 not generating code

Associate II

I have an existing STM32L5 project.  I updated to the latest IDE 1.15 which includes CubeMX 6.11.  Opening the project I clicked the migrate option to migrate the workspace and MX to match up with the tools.

I added as pair of precision external crystals (16.0 Mhz and 32.768 kHz) to my design.  I edited the .IOC to enable those 2 external clocks and modified my clock configuration accordingly.

When I click Generate Code, a dialog box pops up for a second and disappears.  No code is generated.

What's wrong?  How can I debug this?

The change seemed too simple to fail... but again, the tech proves me wrong!


ST Employee

Hello @Grizz,

It would be very helpful if you share your .ioc file to investigate this issue.

Please share also the screenshots of the error message and the "Project manager" window of CubeMx.

When your question is answered, please close this topic by clicking "Accept as Solution".

There is a report file also, and that looks right.  The tool just didn't regenerate/update the source.


Screen shot:



Associate II

Looks like maybe all the package updates did not get applied.

I manually went in and clicked Check for Target Selector updates and Check for embedded software package updates.  Once I did that and restarted CubeIDE, code generation began to run and completed successfully.

I suspect either a silent failure during the update OR the update caused some component mismatches which the update checks corrected.

Either way, it would have been nice to see an error message.  A sub-one second pop-up doesn't do it for me.