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CDC_Standalone for STM32CubeU5

Associate II

When will STM32CubeU5 have an example OTG_HS CDC_Standalone application?  I've use the example CDC_Standalone app from the many other STM32Cubes, but the M33 core appears to have a few significant differences.  Banging my head on the wall.

That is, STM32CubeU5\Projects\STM32U5x9J-DK\Applications\USB_Device\CDC_Standalone

ST Employee

Hi @BillyBob ,

Examples in the STM32CubeU5 package are based on USBX.
For Customers who need to use the legacy library, ST provides the STM32U5 Classic Core Middleware (CoreMW) MCU Firmware Package.
I assume that you will find what you need there.


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Associate II

Thank you Amel, but it's still not giving me what I need.  Every CDC_Standalone example project I've reviewed, including the stm32u5-classic-coremw-apps example, use the OTG_FS peripheral.  We are using the STM32U59A MCU which only has an OTG_HS peripheral.

It's certainly possible I've overlooked something, but I believe I've configured the RCC, SYSCFG, and OTG_HS peripherals correctly.  The dev kit's USB-C still does not enumerate.

Any ideas are much appreciated.

ST Employee

Hi @BillyBob , Just to make sure I understand the situation:

  • Are you running your code on STM32U5A9J-DK - Discovery kit ? or on a custom board ?
  • Have you already tested the OTG_FS peripheral ? is it working ?