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STM32CubeMonitor-Power Energy Values sometimes breaks with 1.2.1?


Something went wrong with the Energy Values in µJ yesterday.
If I am not mistaken, to go from µA to µJ should be voltage*current*seconds, so 2546µA average current for 2,052 seconds with 3,3V input voltage should be 17240µJ.

The monitor software said 1332,621µJ. I have no idea why.


A similar measurement after restarting this morning looks ok again:


Edit: A few minutes later it's broken again and even reconnecting the power meter and restarting the software does not help to recover again




ST Employee

Hi @OliM ,

You are right it looks like something wrong with the way STM32CubeMonitor-Power calculates the energy based on the measurement.
I will escalate this issue, please can you give me more information:
-  Are you using the new STLINK-PWR ?
- Can you confirm that your are using the version v1.2.1?

Best regards,


As you can see on the screenshots, I am using the  STLINK-V3PWR at firmware V4J2B1P4 with the monitor version v1.2.1 . It feels in the moment like only the first measurement of the day is computed correctly. I have some other tasks to do because of which I can not restart my PC right now, but I will also try that some time later.

i have used the 1.1.x with the L5 disco with integrated power meter in the past and have not seen the issue there.

Hi @OliM , 

Thank you for your feedback, I escalated this to your Tools team.
We will check if the issue is due to the STLINK-PWR firmware or STM32CubeMonitor-PWR, and get back to you as soon as possible.
For now, can you try on the previous version of STM32CubeMonitor-PWR (v1.1.1) if you have the same issue? Please keep the STLINK-PWR for the trial.

Best regards,

v1.1.1 seems to be stable (but of course missing the power on/off switch of 1.2.1)

Hi @OliM ,


Thank you for your feedback, I will keep you posted on it.


Best regards,


Associate II