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Acquisition frequency

Associate III


I have read (STL32CubeMonitorWiki)  how to opitmize the speed acquisition.

As a conclusion, it is written that we can reach 1 000Hz for a single variable. 

Dumb question: is it the maximum or could it still be improved ?

I'd like to reach 40 000Hz (which is my ADC acquisition frequency).

Note: I am using a StLINKv2-1, with SWD port, catching a uint16 variable, continously recording.

ST Employee

Hello JGrg.2

The acquisition speed depends of multiple parameters, including some from the computer : OS, Core speeds, memory. With most computers we can reach 1000Hz and with some PC we are above 3000Hz, but not much more due to latency in USB protocol and OS. 

May be someone in the community has been able to get better result, do not hesitate to share your results. 

It is possible to improve a little bit by grouping data in block to read multiple samples in one SWD. 

Unfortunately I think it will not be enough to reach your target of 40000 acquisition per seconds.

Best regards