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x-cube-cellular STM32Cube integration - How?

Associate III

Hi All,

Is there a particular way I should be adding the "x-cube-cellular" zip package to my STM32CubeIDE compiler?

I want to ensure I place all of the required folders into their respective folders and set the paths in the project properties correctly.

The most detailed document I can find is UM2426 but it doesn't really go into this project configuration side of things.

I've developed a new board with a STM32F767 and uses the Quectel BG96 PCIe module. This will communicate to Azure's IotHub.

Any ideas or pointers on how to set this up in the new STM32CubeIDE?



ST Employee

Hi @NW27​ ,

I recommend you to have a look to UM2739: "How to create a software pack enhanced for STM32CubeMX using STM32 Pack Creator tool".

This user manual describes what a software pack is, how to create a software pack from scratch using STM32PackCreator and how to verify the generated pack using STM32CubeMX.

In your case, the pack is already there so your current requirement is to integrate it in STM32CubeMX.

Please keep me informed if my proposal was helpful for you and you succeed to integrate the x-cube-cellular to STM32CubeMX.


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