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Why can't I see the include directories in STM32CubeIDE 1.13.0?


When I open projects from STM32CubeH5 in the IDE, all the include directories and header files are not shown in the workspace. Compiling succeeds, so the paths are correctly set in the project settings. However, there is obviously somewhere a filter setting or similar that makes the include directories invisible. Does anybody knows how to make them visible again?




ST Employee

Hello Rooney,

It has been done this way to improve the user experience. You can always find your .h file in the outline subwindow.

For example in your main.c, you will find a tab Outline on the GUI of STM32CubeIDE (usually on the top right). Alternatively you can open this window by Window > Show View > Outline


You just need to double click the main.h to open it.

I hope this helps.



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@Stassen.C Are you saying that if I upgrade to v13.0, I will no longer see include directories in the Project Explorer?

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Pavel A.
Evangelist III

Three lines above "Drivers" you see "includes". There are all your include directories. This is how Eclipse CDT designers made it.

@Pavel A. I can see include directories in my Project Explorer, outside of the general "Includes" folder. Can you not? There has to be a setting or configuration somewhere that would explain the difference. Google isn't helping here, but there are common complaints similar to the poster.





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Pavel A.
Evangelist III

@TDK Eclipse CDT is very flexible. You can just put the files and sub-dirs around the project dir, press F5 and let Eclipse find everything. Or you can add source dirs in the project, define filters, or add linked resources and "virtual directories"... The project tree will look differently. IMHO it is important to stay cool and resist distraction. The Eclipse folks have their own agenda, we should stay focused on our projects. Not that we should not report apparent bugs... 

Agreed. Just think it's weird that the behavior is different here. I don't remember configuring anything different in my project.

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Associate III

There are at least two locations where filters could be applied:

  1. At the project explorer level:
  2. At the project/folder level: right click > Properties > Resource > Resource Filters