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Unwanted interaction between CubeIDE and CubeMX

I'm working on some code in CubeIDE but need some settings from another project. I have two choices, I can keep switching between .ioc files (which doesn't work well since I can't have both open at the same time), or I can fire up CubeMX on the other project and nicely scroll through the things I need.

BUT (a big but), there's a problem. With project B open in CubeMX, if I try and open the .ioc file for project A in CubeIDE, CubeIDE will bring up the project chooser screen instead of just opening the .ioc file that I clicked on.

My system is an Intel Mac, MacOS latest, CubeIDE latest, CubeMX latest.


And if I shut down CubeMX then CubeIDE works properly again.

Pavel A.
Evangelist III

This maybe is something specific to MacOS variant of ST software. On Windows you can open several instances of CubeMX, same or different versions, and CubeIDE.  Windows every day keeps Apple away.