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STM32cubeIDE successfully burned GUI but LCD screen is not bright

Associate II

Hello everyone, I used touchgfx to generate an official example. The development board model is STM32H747I-DIACO. Next, I configured freertos_M7 and debug through cubeMX, as shown below. There is no error message after the code is generated and compiled, STM32cubeIDE successfully burned GUI but LCD screen is not bright, what is the cause? I followed the same procedure a few days ago and was able to display the picture on the LCD. My tutor and I searched for the reason for a whole day, but I am sure that the code has been successfully burned and the LCD power supply can successfully display the picture.



ST Employee

Hello @judy ,

To check whether issue is related to a hardware or software issue, could you please try running an available LCD_DSI example and let me know if the example works correctly. These examples have been tested with STM32H747I-DISCO.

Please make sure that the display is correctly connected to the board. For that please unplug and plug the display.

Also, I recommend you to take a look at this MOOC may help you.

Thank you.


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