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ST Cube IDE 1.15.1 - Launch Group/Debug Issue

Associate II

Hello to everyone,

for my graphical application I usually use custom boards with STM32H750XB mcu.

For all my projects I always used STMCube IDE 1.6.1.

Code is executed from external qspi flash, so I create a bootloader to launch the application and debug it.

Now, I created a new project and I opened it with cube IDE 1.15.1, but I can't debug it.

When external loader finish, and ide shows " Waiting for debugger connection", I get message "failed to insert all hardware breakpoints..." and a break at internal flash address.

It seems, my bootlader doesn't start.

With IDE 1.6.1, after ext loader finishes its work, I can watch on display bootloader screen, and when it jumps to application, debugger links to main app. In 1.15.1, I don't see the booatloader screen.

Thank you

ST Employee

Hello @afici ,

Ensure that your debugging tools (such as ST-Link, GDB server) you are using, are up to date. 

Did you change the target boot pins?

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Thank you @Imen.D,

my tools are all up to date.

Can you please tell me where I have to change boot pins?