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RF Communication with 2 STM32F407VG disc1 boards.

Associate II

Hi guys!

I'm currently in charge of a project based on the RF transaction. My project is based to develop a system that have the ability to communicate with the RF transceiver, first I chose the AS4432SMD developed with the SI4432 transceiver and I tried to connect it with the stm32f407G disc1; STM32F4DISCOVERY - Discovery kit with STM32F407VG MCU * New order code STM32F407G-DISC1 (replaces STM32F4DISCOVERY) - STMicroelectronics , and I don't have any answer with it.

I do all my best with searching of any application use this type of communication, Any questions or any library for the SI4432 and nothing I found only this library; GitHub - udik-chudik/SI4432: SI4432 Driver based on STM32 HAL library , and it didn't work.

Now I'm trying to use the STEVAL-IKR002V2D, STEVAL-IKR002V2D - SPIRIT1 - Low Data Rate Transceiver - 315 MHz - DAUGHTER BOARD - STMicroelectronics ,developed by STMicroelectronics also nothing I found, another problem, this communication must be controlled the frequency and must support all the sub-1GHz range and all I found a module support only a small range of the sub-1 GHz (315MHz, 433MHz ...). you can found below the data sheet of the AS4432SMD.

I need your support guys, anything could help please a library or an example using the STEVAL-IKR002V2D


Unfortunately "didn't work" is not a very description of what did or didn't happen, nor does it convey any detail of HOW you connected the module, or what software you wrote to interact with it.

Perhaps start with a schematic of what you have built..

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You'd likely need to get documentation for SiLabs and see how their Gecko or whatever boards interact with the IC.

Ask Ashining for their STM8 code example

Perhaps consider LoRa based radios, from Semtech, ST has LRWAN examples using stand-alone chip versions, modules (Murata, REYAX, Multitech, etc), and STM32WL chips using the radios.

Tips, buy me a coffee, or three.. PayPal Venmo Up vote any posts that you find helpful, it shows what's working..
Associate II

no the help i need here with the STEVAL-IKR002V2D Modul and the STM32F407VG disc1 board, I wan to ask if the board and this transceiver are compatible or not, also if there is any IT support or a technical advice with this project because i found this SITE an other transceiver X-NUCLEO-IDS01A5. all this steps on this site are the same for the STEVAL-IKR002V2D or not.