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"Could Not Verify ST Device" when flashing STM32H747XIH6 over SEGGER J-link within STM32CubeIDE


Im trying to flash/debug a STM32H747XIH6 over J-link within STM32CubeIDE. One of the two cores, the CM7, flashes fine and i can enter the debugger. However when i try to flash the other core, the CM4, i get a popup with "Could Not Verify ST Device", and the console shows as in the attached image.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

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@CWest.4​ I am also getting the same issue. Please help if you solved the issue.

I am using STM32H745I-DISCO board and using the CN16 TAG connector to program the board using Segger J-link and I am getting the same error (Could not verify the ST device) with CM4 core. But CM7 core is working fine.

I solved it by adding the CM4 to the CM7 run configurations, so flashing both under one run configuration. So in run configurations -> startup -> add (assuming you use STM32CubeIDE), i dont remember in detail how i did it, but i hope that is clue enough 🙂

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@CWest.4​  I tried it, its working in debug mode, but I am only able to debug CM7 core. Do you know any solution to debug both CM4 and CM7 together using J-link?