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Need find old (ca 2018) STM32CubeIDE and STM32CubeProgrammer releases for MACOS 10.13.6 (32-bit)


I wish to put an older (2011) IMAC computer into service to handle some STM32 development tasks. The IMAC is running the last version of MACOS published for that hardware (I believe the GPU was abandoned by Apple subsequently.) MACOS 10.13.6 is 32-bit system only and was published July 2018, so I need find STM32 tools of a similar era.

As I'll working with (considerably) older generation MCUs on this machine, I'm happy to live with any/all age/version imposed limitations.

Question #1: What version STM32CubeIDE was last published for 32-bit MACOS?

Question #2: What version STM32CubeProgrammer was last published for 32-bit MACOS?

Question #3: Can these versions be downloaded from ST.COM (thought I'd ask pre-emptively to avoid subsequent posting on the same issue.)

Thank you for assistance!



Installed both latest-version items without difficulty on MACOS 10.13.6, so wherever I saw mentions that MACOS 10.15 was minimum OS and 64-bit install was mandatory evidently was not the case.