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Modify copyright notice in main.c file

Associate III



Somebody knows if the copyright notice generated at the beginning of main.c file is stored in a file that I can edit?

I read in this forum that sections outside of user code are copyrighted by ST. If the copyright text is stored in an editable file, I would add a copyright or copyleft for the user code sections in this file to save time.

Using CubeIDE 1.13.2 for Linux


Thank you

Pavel A.
Evangelist III

The copyright notice generated at the beginning of main.c is surrounded by /* USER CODE BEGIN Header */  /* USER CODE END Header */. The actual usage requirements on Cube-generated files (what license files or texts are required legally): see the generated text itself:  Since Cube does not currently create the LICENSE file: provided as-is.


  * This software is licensed under terms that can be found in the LICENSE file
  * in the root directory of this software component.
  * If no LICENSE file comes with this software, it is provided AS-IS.