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How to download unbundled GNU Tools for STM32

Bryce Schober
Associate III

Where can I download an archive of the GNU Tools for STM32 separate from the STM32Cube IDE?

Alternatively where can I find your open-sourced patches that you list in the information center?

Bryce Schober
Associate III

@Markus GIRDLAND​ Since you commented on the related thread "What are the GNU Tools for STM32 patches ..." a while ago, can you speak to my question? Or maybe @mattias norlander​ ?

Ideally, the GNU Tools for STM32 patches and releases with binary archives would be made available via another repo on the organization. Don't the open-source licenses obligate you to make the patches available?

Pavel A.
Evangelist III

@Bryce Schober​The Toolchain manager widget of CubeIDE can discover and download toolchains released after CubeIDE releases, both ST and ARM versions.

So these toolchain packages are already available online...

mattias norlander
ST Employee

Hi Bryce,

As Pavel mentioned, toolchains are available via toolchain manager. If you really the toolchain in a zip-file I suppose we can provide some specific zip-file in a file share. Drop me your e-mail address in PM, the one on you profile does not work. Which OS?

I wonder is there a specific reason why toolchains could not just be available under the "Software Development Tools" section?

There are some valid use cases for stand-alone toolchains. For example, when developing an application in Cube IDE, and also wanting to use exactly the same toolchain in CI/CD system. Bundling the entire CubeIDE to run it in headless mode is "little" excessive.

A good idea. Would be useful for restrictive environments where CubeIDE cannot go to the web and download stuff. Even thru a proxy.

Associate III

Hi there,

Is there any news about this?

This is a great idea!

The Toolchain Manager is a awesome feature but it is slow to launch and update. Our projects are not using the current default toolchain. A simple way to download the same GNU Tools for STM32 binaries would be great to get them on the CI/CD system, and also to speed up installing the dev environment for new developers.

Bryce Schober
Associate III

Just by way of followup, ST now offers the STM32CubeCLT, described as "an all-in-one multi-OS command-line toolset, which is part of the STM32Cube ecosystem".

As with all ST packages, it's kinda annoyingly wrapped in a .zip file, but it seems like it might fulfill my basic desires at the time, which are:

  1. It is actually possible to download programmatically, if you try hard enough
  2. The "Generic Linux Installer" is a self-extracting shell script bundle that will allow you (with effort) to do a non-interactive installation into your location of choice

I am also looking for a way to use an older toolchain within a custom docker image for CI/CD. Has there been any further information on downloadable toolchains outside of the Toolchain Manager?