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I have managed to run on my Linux PC. But it requires me to name the project folder exactly the same as the project name. For example /home/user/workspace/freertos-test/freertos-test.ioc

Now I want to do the build automatically from Jenkins. But that will check out the code in a folder with a different name, based on the Jenkins job name, for example freertos-test_master which it will place in /var/lib/jenkins/workspace/freertos-test_master/

When I try to run my build script from Jenkins, it fails with: Project: freertos-test already exists in the workspace! , or Project: file:/var/lib/jenkins/workspace/freertos-test_master/freertos-test can't be found!
I have tried every combination of -build and -import and -data arguments that I can think of, but it looks like the headless build only works if the project folder name is the same as the project.

Is there a way around this problem?