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Associate III

Hello, I would like some advice. I have created an http web page which can only be accessed if on the same network. But what if I want to access a web page outside the network? What do I have to do? From my research, a forward port is used to allow entry. But I don't know how. There will be another way. Or is there a video clip to teach?

I want to do it in an iot way like Blynk, with a web page, dashboard, or whatever method. I understand that not many people want to teach because of trade secrets.

thank you


I'm pretty sure this has nothing to do with the STM32 itself, but how your LAN is connected to the outside world.

In my home office with a FritzBox router, I have to enable some port sharing.

Better ask your network admin!

Associate III

And if I want to connect to the database Can I do it now?

Senior III

If you want to access your page from the internet, you could consider the folowing approach:

1) Get a fixed IP from your internet provider.

2) Configure your internet router as such that it forwards HTTP(s) trafic to your STM32 HTTP(S) server.

People from the outside world will see an internet server at your fixed IP whereas your local STM32 will provide the intelligence. The router will translate IP addresses from the internet to your local network and back IP.