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How to use multiple Timers?

Associate II

how to use multiple timers in stm32f746zg,i am using timer1 and timer4 as PWM generate and i am using timer2 for sdcard but it is not working that controller get struck and again i want to re-upload the code if the press the reset button also it is not working and i want to use some other timer for non block delay can anyone help that how to interface it?

ST Employee

Hello @venkateswarlu, welcome to ST Community, 

If you're using multiple timers, you might need to synchronize them (for example for both timers that generate PWM) 

Also, could you specify what's not working exactly and maybe provide some code snippets of timer config 


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i am using timer2

Expect to need to make a better presentation of the code and what is and isn't functioning as expected.

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