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CubeIDE 1.9.0 has a heart attack on "loading compatible MCU's" - out of memory / huge delay / non-responsive

Associate III

So in trying to sort an unrelated problem out, I updated to 1.9.0 and have been having serious trouble with it all morning (I've restarted it about 10 times and counting).

In selecting "List compatible MCU's" it would load maybe 30% then lock up / stop, sometimes show "Running low memory", and eventually crashed with an "Out of memory" error despite the fact my PC has loads of free memory (>16Gb free)

After a fair bit of googling and digging I modified the .ini file (C:\ST\STM32CubeIDE_x.x.x\STM32CubeIDE\stm32cubeide.ini for anyone playing along at home) to increase the defaults by about 4x, which seemed to help a little but it's now sat here thrashing my CPU to death loading a list of 103,000 MCU's which it appears I can do nothing about (EG set filter options) until it's finished.

Seriously ST, this is a mess. Which programmer thought it would be a good idea to load gigabytes of data up front before we can select any options? I'm only trying to move one part number up from the micro I originally selected and so far this thing has taken hours of my time.

Example: current attempt it's ben "loading MCU's..." for half an hour and is up to 79% completed >:(

Edit: Been loading for an hour, now up to 80%... seriously WTF guys?

Edit: Half an hour on from last edit (so maybe 90+ minutes of loading & churning & CPU fan blasting) it's finally loaded but is still unresponsive, I can't select any filters and mousing over the list of 158,976 MCU's just causes it to jump around and go mad. It's currently listing SO-8 and BGA parts as "full compatible" with the LQFP64 device I'm currently using. This is ridiculous.

Principal III

Same here. Added a bug tag.



Associate III

Thanks - left the PC all weekend, came in this morning, still no closer to being able to pick an MCU from the list :o

ST Employee

Hello there,

I recreated the problem on my end as well. I went ahead and created a ticket for it. Thanks for bringing it to my attention!

Internal Ticket Reference: 126198

Thanks - it looks like CubeMX has a similar problem although it does at least show the "OK, Import" button - It's currently thrashing my CPU to death loading the list of micros so I'll see if it will let me switch the project to a new MCU when it's finished.

Edit: After about an hour of warming the PC up it eventually allowed me to pick a new MCU and create a new project so it seems CubeMX is less broken than CubeIDE which does not even display the "Import" button.

ST Employee

Hello @JU​ , @KnarfB​  and @Markus GIRDLAND​ ,

It is indeed a CubeMX bug and it seems that it also affects the MX plugin in CubeIDE. This issue was already raised by a Community member in this thread Bug in clock configuration in CubeMX 6.4.0 (

The issue will be fixed soon, I will keep you posted.

Internal ticket number: 125055 (This is an internal tracking number and is not accessible or usable by customers).

Thanks for your contribution,


ST Employee

Hello  @JU , @KnarfB 

This issue is fixed in STM32CubeMX latest release.

V6.6.0 is now available under this Link.

Thanks for your contribution.


Thanks for taking the trouble to come back & report on the fix - much appreciated!