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Audio not playing when using DF mini player

Associate II


when I am running this code,the audio is not playing.I checked everything.The connection is completely fine as some sound is coming when I power up the nucleo.the audio files are named from 1 to 6.mp3.where is the problem then??


Associate II

I checked the busy line too.It should go low when the audio plays.But it stays high

ST Employee

The DFplayer Mini sometimes behaves strangely because different chips have been installed on it or because its very brief data sheet has been misinterpreted. I think I saw years ago that occasionally the BUSY pin did not react or only reacted at certain time slots.

The DFplayer Mini is not a product of STMicroelectronics, so you will probably not be able to get much help in this community. I therefore recommend that you take a close look at its documentation and code examples and, if necessary, use a logic analyser.

Good luck!

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