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Adding a folder to STM32CubeIDE breaks CubeMX Code Generation

Associate III

I've attached the ioc and IDE project files. If I add a folder to the FOR-ST-DEBUG_CM7 project (or any of the projects for that matter), the next time I try and generate code from CubeMX, I get an error similar to the one below (the workspace number changes each time). I have also attached that folder mentioned in the error just in case there are any pointers in there. Interestingly, this folder gets deleted when I click the OK button.

I create the folder by right clicking on the project: Import->General->File System, then browsing to the folder, and then tell it to Create a top level folder, and symbolic links because I do not want it to copy the code. The screen shot of the import dialogue is also below (although small for some reason??)



The project seems OK after the error, the folder I added is still there, but I really have no way of knowing if there is really a problem with the code or the project files.

Any help is appreciated.

ST Employee

Hello there,

Having an MX handled project requires a certain folder structure.

What are you trying to accomplish with the top level folder? Perhaps there is a different way of doing what you want to achieve.