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Build & Debug only works once

George Ruinelli
Associate II

I have setup a project with a Nucleo-STM32F429ZI.

I can successfully start the debugging once.
But when I press stop (red square in overlay menu) and then "Start Debugging (F5)" (green driangle in the "run and debug" sidebar) again, it hangs at

-> 13+download,{section=".isr_vector",section-size="428",total-size="1659414"}
-> 13+download,{section=".isr_vector",section-sent="428",section-size="428",total-sent="428",total-size="1659414"}
-> 13+download,{section=".text",section-size="68060",total-size="1659414"}
-> 13+download,{section=".rodata",section-size="12656",total-size="1659414"}
-> 13+download,{section=".ARM",section-size="8",total-size="1659414"}
-> 13+download,{section=".init_array",section-size="4",total-size="1659414"}
-> 13+download,{section=".fini_array",section-size="4",total-size="1659414"}
-> 13+download,{section=".data",section-size="140",total-size="1659414"}
-> 13^error,msg="Error finishing flash operation"
14-interpreter-exec console "monitor reset"
Failed to launch GDB: Error finishing flash operation (from target-download)

The only way to get it working again is by dis- and reconnecting the USB cable and restaring VS Code again.

ST Employee

Hi @George Ruinelli 

could share your project or your config it would be helpful to debug the issue

Hi Nawres

You can use any default CubeMX project for this. No special peripherals or so.

But from my side, I am not able to invest more time into it. It would have been needed as a PoC for a student project. My goal was to have I2C and a REST API using LwIP but for simplicitly without FreeRTOS. This seems how ever to be a huge pain as ST does only provide working CubeMX examples for the H7 MCU but none of the F-MCUs. There are several open forum discussions about it without a stable solution...

So in the end I had to switch to Arduino.