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New STM32 VSCode extension V2.0.0 released

Changelog Version 2.0.0 V2.0.0 implies a breaking change: CMake project generation has been moved from VS Code to STM32CubeMX v6.11.0 (and later). VS Code solution no longer has dependency on STM32CubeIDE (.cproject-files)VS Code solution no longer r...

Resolved! STM32 extension for vscode is not working.

Greetings, I'm trying to set up Visual Studio Code to work with STM32 microcontrollers. I've installed the STM32 VS Code Extension, as well as CubeCLT, CubeMX, and FINDER as requested, all with the correct versions to ensure functionality. I've also ...

luxae by Associate II
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VSCode GDB Debug - Enable Watchdog Halt

Hi,   I am not sure how to categorize this problem. I have a custom board that I had done an initial software development cycle on STM32CubeIDE. I am working a newer version in VSCode with the STM32 Extension. Everything is working with the exception...

Resolved! Start debugging STM32 VS Code Extension

I was using the SystemWorkbench for years and everything OK.  Recently changed to STM32CubeIDE and also able to build and debug within hours with released ST project "STM32Cube_FW_F4_V1.28.0".Have tried to use the new "STM32 VS Code Extension" in VSC...


Resolved! Need help with VScode + cmsis arm_math.h

Hi Guys, I'm new about VScode. I try to use arm_math.h in my program. but after i set include path in json file, the vscode can't find the function. and give me the message <<Function definition for 'arm_mat_init_f32' not found.C/C++>> my board is nu...

Leon_D by Associate II
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Not Available to do Flash in STM32F4

Spoiler  We have Custom board that build Around STM32F4 and we are using IJET Debugger and ST Link Debugger for Flashing from IAR Tool but Unavailable to Flash Code in Micro Controller.Error is Error while Calling macro ExecUserFlashExit.if Anyone Kn...

AGond.2 by Associate III
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