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Ethernet Ping issue in UbootV2022.10

Associate III


We are using STM32157AAA3 Processor in our custom board and Microchip Ksz9893 switch for ethernet and the switch is configured using i2c.

  • when we are trying to ping ethernet in RGMII mode in U-Boot v2022.10-stm32mp-r1 we are getting the Rx-clock frequency 125MHz but the Tx clock is configuring for 2.5Mhz and we are getting ping is not alive.
  • when we try to ping ethernet in RMII Mode with auto negotiation it works fine.
  • And we are able to ping ethernet in linux(v5.13) with fixed-link property in rgmii and rmii but when we are trying to use fixed-link in ubootV2022.10 we are getting cpu reset issue.

Please find the below attached screen shots for our processor specific and board specific configurations and output log

  •     with out fixed-link we are getting without fixed-link propertywithout fixed-link property
  • with fixed-link we are getting

With fixed-link propertyWith fixed-link property


please help us in this regards.