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How to make STM32MP151 successfully run LINUXPTP

STM32MP151 is a PTP slave clock, and the master clock is correctly determined and configured. In the same network, multicast, E2E, and one-step configuration modes are used. Run ptp4l,Output prompt: "Received SYNC without timestamp". the actual SYNC ...

fudaguo by Associate II
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Ethernet Ping issue in UbootV2022.10

Hello,We are using STM32157AAA3 Processor in our custom board and Microchip Ksz9893 switch for ethernet and the switch is configured using i2c.when we are trying to ping ethernet in RGMII mode in U-Boot v2022.10-stm32mp-r1 we are getting the Rx-clock...

eth_log.PNG Fixedllink_eth_log.PNG
Srikanth1 by Associate III
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Resolved! STM32MP157F-DK2 Unable to Record Audio

I'm working on an audio-processing application with the STM32MP157F-DK2 discovery board. While evaluating the hardware, I built and installed the system using the distribution package. I used the following command to record sound via the 3.5mm audio ...

yocto mickledore optee build for u-boot fails

u-boot yocto build fails with this messagetest -e arch/arm/dts/stm32mp157c-mydemo-mx.dtb || ( \| echo >&2; \| echo >&2 "Device Tree Source (arch/arm/dts/stm32mp157c-mydemo-mx.dtb) is not correctly specified."; \| echo >&2 "Please define 'CONFIG_DEFAU...

edwardmcl by Associate II
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Resolved! STM32MP157F-DK2 Screen suspend issue

Than try to use this board with Debian Linux + Xorg happened strange behaviour: after one hour screen disabled forever. No any warnings or errors in dmesg. This issue reproduce on kernel from STLinux (5.15.67). Also these steps make same behaviour: e...

BVino.1 by Associate
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Processor selection

Hi,I'm looking for a processor for a camera application that have the following features:MIPI CSI2 interfaceץBT5 connectivity abilities. Small as possible.Application processor like the Cortex A53. Thanks,Avishay.

aasul.1 by Associate
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