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What is the cause of the error that occurs when loading the Cortex-M4 FW to the Cortex-A7 (Linux)?


We have confirmed the operation on our original board that

"STM32MP151CAA3" mounted on.

When I start our Cortex-A7 (Linux) FW and try to load our Cortex-M4 (RTOS: uC3) FW , an error message is output on the console of Linux.

The steps when an error occurs is described below.

Is there any possible cause for the error?


1) Write our Cortex-A7 (Linux) FW to a SD card and start it with our original board.

2) Build our Cortex-M4 (RTOS: uC3) FW. ⇒ Build is successful.

3) Transfer our Cortex-M4 (RTOS: uC3) FW to our original board by scp.

4) Start our Cortex-M4 (RTOS: uC3) FW by Cortex-A7 (Linux) FW.

⇒ Linux console shows the error message.

Best Regards,

H. Masuda

ST Employee

Hi @HMasu.1​ ,

Did you check your M4 firmware runs ok in Engineering mode ?


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Hi @Community member​ ,

Thank you for your reply.

I have checked in Engineering mode by using MDK Arm (uVision).

Loading M4 firmware is successful, but if I started program by step-in, suddenly the debugger disconnects when RTOS starts.

uVision don't show any message.

And I cannot get fault reports from uVision because the debugger disconnects.

Best Regards.

H. Masuda