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Questions about STM32MP157C-DK2

Associate II

Hello! I have just discovered that kit I would like to use to develop a new testing system within the company where I am working. However, I have some questions about it:

  • What kind of additional card could we use to apply 24V to the board's input (I have to use the output signal of the inductive sensor currently used)?
  • Does it exist a card which can directly get 24V as an input voltage (or is it always 5V or 3.3V)?
  • How many analogical, numerical and On/Off I/O does the kit's board have?
  • Could we use some software like Matlab to analyse the output signals of that card?

I truly thank you in advance for your answers!


Jean-Marc S
ST Employee

Hello @NAnt.3

In case you haven’t seen yet, some information can be found in the User Manual for the board on

-         Input voltage is only 5 V / 3 A USB Type-C™power supply input

-         Available IO’s can be seen in the

◦ GPIO expansion connector (Raspberry Pi® shields capability)

◦ Arduino™ Uno V3 expansion connectors

Best Regards