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Outdated Documentation - Perform an SSH Connection

Senior II

Not sure where to put it so I'll put it here.  It looks like the "Perform an SSH Connection" document is out of date (unless this is referring to another process).  According to the page, you SSH with:

ssh root@

It looks like it's changed so now you SSH with:

ssh root@

Not sure if it helps but thought I'd throw it out there all the same 


Surely it depends on what you're connecting to. The IP will be different for everyone.

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This is true, but I assume the guide is created to be used with the default settings (otherwise, I'm not entirely sure why they would create the page in the first place). I believe that was the default value in STM32CubeIDE, which I am making the assumption is hardcoded into the program.  If this is randomly assigned by STM32CubeIDE (or from the board itself), then I'm way off.  

By default, I assume the starter image (at the very least) uses, is that correct?  Maybe I'm missing the intent of the page.  I just know I opened the page and tried to ssh at the initial address and it didn't work.  I found the address used via the project properties page, which is where I got the  It seems like if you're creating a page for people who don't know how to use ssh, having an example with the default address is probably the way to go.  

ST Employee

Hi @JayDev 

I agree that this wiki page should have clearly mention that IP address is not fixed and usually assigned by your network DHCP. This is part of some topics which are obvious for most people using networked computers, but could confuse beginners.

See also's_start/Execute_basic_commands#ssh_connection_(only_if_the_Ethernet_cable_connected)


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